Nathan's House Recovery Residence

Life as You Know it

Part of the recovery process is beginning life again. Life involves work, bills, responsibilities, and chores. Nathan’s House is designed to provide a safe living environment in which one can learn to do all these things again. SOBER. There is only a minimal amount of money due each month for the shared living expense. So all the residents here have a golden opportunity to work on sobriety.Nathan's House Recovery Residence

There’s Work Out There

Boyne City and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of options for work. Stores, manufacturing, groceries, and a thriving tourism industry keep the job market alive and well. Having found work right in Boyne City I am close to our home and free to be involved with the community. This living arrangement can be a sort of catalyst to propel you into life as a contributing member of society.

What Will I Need

A great job won’t come knocking at your door. Finding work requires work. When you don’t have a job make your job finding one. So get out there and knock on doors, fill out applications, and make phone calls. Call back after an application is filled out. Go back to that same store and talk to the manager face to face. Dress up and make yourself marketable. Exude confidence. Radiate courage. Be willing, timely, and reliable.

See the Connection!

Life has a way of connecting to your recovery experience. Sobriety involves work. In some ways it will be like an occupation itself. You will also need to be willing, timely, and reliable. Willing to open yourself up to a Higher Power. Timely in your attendance of recovery meetings on a regular basis. Reliable and steadfast in you’re commitment to change.

Get it Done

Get out there and get it done. Consider the commitment that you made to your drug of choice. What kind of daily investment of time, money, and physical effort did you make? Harness that energy and hurl all the force you can muster into working out the principles of recovery. Regardless of your skill set and professional experience you will be an asset.  
J.P. Nathan’s House Guest October 2017