Why Nathan's House?

Nathan’s House is the result of the dedication of two people who passionately believe in the recovery process.

Jennifer and Jason DeBeck are thankful to be in a position to serve others and provide a much-needed resource for northern lower Michigan. Jason is very active in the local 12-step community, and Jennifer has witnessed first-hand the tragedy caused by an untreated substance use disorder.  The DeBecks provide the same structured sober living experience for others so they too can start a foundation for their recovery. They currently live and reside a block and a half from Nathan’s House in Boyne City.

Jennifer and Jason are dedicated to providing an affordable, comfortable and structured sober living environment for people in recovery because they know the struggle it can be for newly sober people to get back on their feet financially and spiritually. Jason was grateful to have a sober living environment early in his recovery that allowed him to attend meetings every day, and it allowed him to make financial amends and stabilize his other finances.

12-Step Program

We believe in the 12-step recovery process because we have seen it work—not just in our lives but with countless others. An unimaginable life is waiting for those who recover; a life free of the insanity caused by living with an untreated substance use disorder. Nathan’s House is grateful to have a part in helping our guests build a strong foundation in their recovery.

Mission Statement

Nathan’s House is dedicated to providing recovering males with access to an affordable, supportive, safe and sober living environment while they begin their journey into recovery.

Serious Recovery

Bottom line: if you are dead serious about your recovery, you are welcome at Nathan’s House. We strongly encourage all who are interested in an affordable, comfortable and structured sober living experience to call us today at (231) 881-5849 and speak directly with Jason.